Page 1: About this questionnaire

Welcome to the end-of-course self-audit task.

This task is to help you review how the course has impacted upon your volunteering. You'll be asked to indicate the extent to which you agree with 5 short statements about your volunteering, as a result of your learning on this course.

Your responses will also help the National STEM Learning Centre evaluate the course. 

Save your responses

At the end of this survey, make sure you download your responses so you can refer back to them as you make your way through the Inspiring Young People in STEM program.

Data Protection

We ask whether you are based in the UK or outside the UK, and whether you are a STEM Ambassador, to allow us to filter our results for reporting.

All data will be handled strictly in accordance with the privacy and data policies of i) the National STEM Learning Centre and ii) JISC Online Surveys (whose system we are using for the self-audit task).

Responses to the self-audit task are anonymous and data will be deleted 8 years after the course finishes.

No personal data is requested, however if you do submit personal data, STEM Learning is the Data Controller, not FutureLearn.

Contact if you have any questions about this self-audit task.