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Quantum Ambassadors will be working with students aged 16-19 in UK based schools and colleges. Supporting a student enrichment session bringing cutting-edge physics and technology to life, in your school/college.

  • By registering your interest you will be considered for selection in the Quantum Technology programme 17/18
  • If not selected, you will be invited to register your interest for participation in 18/19

Your data

We are collecting this information so that we can:

  • match selected schools with a Quantum Ambassador
  • deliver CPD and resources to teachers taking part in the programme

We will be sharing your personal data: name, address, email address and schools details with our external evaluators. The evaluator may also contact you and ask you to complete follow up surveys.


We will share only relevant personal and school information with a Quantum Ambassador, to enable them to make contact. We will share anonymised school data with our partners: Quantum Technology Hubs based at the University of York, University of Oxford, University of Glasgow and University of Birmingham.

 We will not share your personal details with any other parties and we will delete it 6 months after the end of the programme on the 01/09/2019, school information will be retained for statistical and evaluation purposes.


If your school is not selected, we will delete your data after the 30th of November 2018.

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