About this questionnaire

Welcome to the end-of-course self-audit task.

As introduced in Week 1, this task is to help you review how the course has impacted upon your practice. As before, you'll be asked to indicate the extent to which you agree with some short statements about your teaching of biology and plant science.

Complete the post-course self-audit statements first, then revisit your pre-course responses to reflect on your development and identify where you need to go next.

Your responses will also help the National STEM Learning Centre and Science and Plants for Schools review the course and the way it impacts upon teachers' practice.

We recognise that these surveys will only be a snapshot of your reflections. For this reason in the first question we also ask if you would be willing to respond to a further follow-up questionnaire which we will distribute in six months, by which time you will be in a much better position to comment on whether doing the course has made a difference to your practice and impacted others.

Save your responses

At the end of this survey, make sure you download your responses so you can refer back to them at the end of the course. Your completed self-audit tasks also act as a record of your CPD, for your own file or should you wish to share with your line manager.

Data protection

We ask whether you are based in the UK or outside the UK, and whether you are a teacher, to allow us to filter our results for reporting. Anonymous responses will be shared with Science and Plants for Schools.

Providing any personal data, such as your email address, is optional. We will only use your email address for the purposes you provide consent for.

To help assess the impact of the course, we would like to analyse responses for where participants have responded to both the pre-course and post-course self-audit. For this reason you may optionally provide your email address as an identifier to allow us to match responses across both self-audit tasks.

Personal data will be deleted no later than 8 years after the course end date.

All data will be handled strictly in accordance with the privacy policies of i) the National STEM Learning Centre and ii) JISC Online Surveys (whose system we are using for the self-audit task). STEM Learning is the Data Controller, not FutureLearn.

If you have any questions about the self-audit task, or about how your data is managed, please contact onlinecpd@stem.org.uk